Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Wedding Rings Made Of Titanium Or Tantalum Metals

Long gone are the days when only platinum, gold, or silver were the only acceptable metals for wedding rings. Today's couples are increasingly choosing contemporary-style engagement and wedding rings made of more affordable alternative metals. Two of the most popular are titanium and tantalum. 

Here's a rundown of both of these metals and their use in wedding jewelry.

Titanium Metal Basics

Titanium is atomic element number 22, and its symbol is Ti. Titanium metal has gained popularity in wedding jewelry because it has a long list of positive attributes, including each of the following:

  • Strength

  • Lightweight

  • Damage resistant

  • Gray metal with a natural silvery-white shine

  • Oxidation produces permanent iridescent colorations

In addition, titanium metal is hypo-allergenic and safe for people allergic to nickel metal. In fact, titanium is used in many medical and dental products, such as artificial joints and dental implants. 

Black Titanium Contemporary Wedding Rings

Since titanium metal is hypo-allergenic and nearly impervious to damage, titanium wedding rings are great for those who work with their hands where gold or other metal rings would scratch, dent, or be damaged by acids such as pool chemicals or cleaning fluids.

By heating the titanium metal, jewelers can create rings in various iridescent colors, including black. Thanks to the oxidation process, black titanium rings will never lose their black color or beautiful, natural matte finish. In fact, black titanium contemporary wedding rings are one of the hottest trends on the market today.

As with any other wedding jewelry metal, titanium does have minor downsides. Titanium rings are nearly impossible to resize, so they must be ordered in the correct size. Additionally, titanium isn't appropriate for making prongs to hold stones. For these reasons, titanium rings often take advantage of tension settings and inlay channels for diamonds and other gems.

Tantalum Metal Basics

Tantalum is chemical element number 73, and its symbol is Ta. With a heavier atomic number designating a larger molecule size, tantalum is a heavier metal than titanium. However, it is very similar in many other ways. 

Tantalum has many positive attributes, such as:

  • Blue-gray gunmetal color 

  • Lustrous shine

  • Hard

  • Damage resistance

As with titanium, tantalum is hypo-allergenic and safe for those with nickel allergies.

Tantalum Contemporary Wedding Rings

Tantalum contemporary wedding rings are very similar to those made of titanium. Often they are made with inlay channels or tension settings without prongs for stones. However, their popularity comes mainly from those who love the natural gunmetal color over the color of titanium.

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