Cross Stud Earring Options To Consider

If you're a Christian who feels good wearing a piece of jewelry that depicts the cross, a necklace pendant might be your go-to choice. You may, however, also want to consider adding other pieces of cross-themed jewelry to your collection. One idea is to look at cross earrings. There are all sorts of cross earrings on the market, including dangle earrings. If you favor more of a subtle look, however, cross studs can be a good choice for you. Here are some options that you'll have when you shop for stud earrings at an online jewelry store.

Cross Size

When you browse an assortment of cross stud earrings for sale, you'll notice that the crosses can vary a lot in size. This makes it simple to find the right cross size for you. Some people love studs that are very small, while other people favor studs that are a little larger and thus more noticeable. Virtually all cross stud earrings will be smaller than cross dangle earrings, but you might be surprised at just how many size options are available.

Cross Shape

You'll also see a number of different cross shapes when you shop for stud earrings that depict this image. Some crosses are very simple, consisting of a straight vertical line and a straight horizontal line. You'll also see crosses that appear more ornate. For example, they might have small round or curved shapes at each end of the straight parts. Others can have a slight concave design, which you may feel offers more visual appeal.

Cross Finish

The finish of the cross studs is also something to think about. A lot of cross stud earrings are made of metal with a gold or silver finish and have a smooth and plain look. This subtle style can work well for lots of people, but there are other designs that you'll come across as you shop. You can also expect to see cross stud earrings that feature gemstones embedded in them. Diamonds and synthetic diamonds are both common, and these designs will help to give your cross stud earrings a shiny appearance. If you favor jewelry that offers a splash of color, see what colored gemstones are available in cross stud earrings. You'll likely see colors in a variety of shades. If you're interested in buying cross stud earrings to celebrate your faith, look for this type of jewelry at an online jewelry store.

For more info about stud earring sets, contact a local company.