How To Reset Vintage Jewelry

Have you ever wondered what to do with that box full of vintage jewelry sitting on your dresser collecting dust? While the actual gem may still be beautiful, one reason you may no longer wear the piece is because the setting is outdated and gaudy. If that is the case, you could consider resetting the gem to give it a more modern style. But how do you go about resetting vintage jewelry? There are some steps you need to take before you hand over your precious gem to a stranger.

Research/Consult Your Jeweler

Not all jewelers are the same. You don't want to put your gems into the hands of the first person who pops up on your web search. You will need to go to a jeweler who specializes in resetting vintage jewelry. Do your homework and make certain that they have a great reputation. Once you have found one that sparks your interest, have a long consultation with them before proceeding. Just because they have a great reputation doesn't mean you will see eye-to-eye. Make sure that you feel confident they understand exactly what you want before handing over your jewelry to them.


You can never be too careful when dealing with precious gems. A very important thing for you to do before you allow a jeweler to start the resetting process is to have the gem graded by a gemological lab, meaning that a technician will tell you what your diamond is worth based on its carat size. Taking this measure will help protect you from having to file a lawsuit. After the stone has been graded, you will be able to have it rechecked after the resetting has been completed to ensure that it is the gem you actually gave the jeweler.


Once the jewelry leaves your hands, it's simply out of your hands and anything could happen. Having insurance on the stone would be a great idea. Sometimes jewelers will cover the gem under their insurance while it is in their possession. However, this is something you need to double check since every business will have a different policy. If they don't cover your gem, it would be best to get insurance on it yourself. This way if something unthinkable happens and the jewel is damaged, the only thing you will be out of is the gem.

Taking these steps before you let a jeweler reset your piece will help make the experience a little less stressful and allow you to wear or sell your beautiful, reset vintage piece. For more information about resetting jewelry, contact a representative from a company like The Gold Miner.