Helpful Tips For Jewelry Care

Everyone likes to have jewelry that is in pristine shape. But of course, nothing stays that way forever. In order to keep your jewelry looking as good as new, or better, here are a few tips and tricks.

Use an all-purpose disinfectant to shine your diamonds

Diamonds are hard. In fact, they are the hardest of all gemstones. They are so hard that lasers are tipped with them to make stronger cuts. So, you don't need to be as concerned as with your other gemstones when you are cleaning them. A regular all-purpose disinfectant will shine them up in no time, leading them to sparkle like they never have before.

Put your necklace chain through a straw to make sure it doesn't tangle

If you wear necklaces, you know the frustration of finding them all wound together and having to spend ten minutes trying to untangle the chains to get at the one you want. Even if you have them all separated, sometimes the one chain will get knotted to itself, which causes damage to the chain. So, when you take off your necklace, thread the open end through a straw. It will keep the two sides separate and help to prevent the knotting.


After you wear your jewelry, wipe it down with a soft cloth, like the kind for glasses. Not only with this give it a quick polish so that the next time you put it on it shines, but it will also get rid of any moisture or dirt particles that might be laying around on it. This is especially helpful if you have been sweating a lot or have been out where it's dusty and dirty. This tip will ensure that you don't have to work so hard every time that you put on your jewelry.

Opal and pearl care

To make sure that your opals and pearls are as lustrous as ever, try to make sure you store them in a dry place. If moisture gets in and around a pearl or opal, it can cause them to crack and fracture, as well as causing them to lose their shine. By storing then in a dry place, you make sure that this doesn't happen as fast.

By following these you will be able to enjoy your pieces for years to come! Contact a company like Touch Of Gold Fine Jewelry to learn more about caring for jewelry.