Less Traditional Diamonds For Your Rings

Diamonds have the distinction of being the most popular gemstones of all time. Approximately  $11 billion were spent on diamond engagement and wedding jewelry in 2012 alone and with the marriage rates expected to see an increase to about 2.2 million in 2015, many more persons are expected to be wearing a diamond engagement or wedding band. However, your diamond does not have to come from any of the 25 countries that produce the world's diamonds. It could come from some truly nontraditional sources.

So if you wish to get a diamond engagement or wedding band that is different from anyone else's, you may wish to consider the following. 

It's all in the family

Traditionally, your family might pass down an heirloom that contains diamonds that can be refashioned for your engagement or wedding band. However, that heirloom would probably have new meaning if it was fashioned from the cremains of a relative who had died. Following demise, the body would need to be cremated and then the carbon from the remains could then be pressed into making a synthetic diamond. The same effect can be achieved using hair. Costs for these begin at about $3000. The specialized technology that is used for this process is said to ensure that the diamond is of good quality.

Of course, this would require previous action as you would not be waiting on a relative to die in order to get engaged. However, it could certainly be one way to ensure that your family members are always a part of your life. 


Another unusual way to get a diamond could be that developed by a college professor who initiated the concept of creating diamonds from inexpensive materials. The idea here is to use items such as gunpowder from a .223 caliber Remington assault weapon and the 35 mm cellulose acetate film reel from old movies to create a diamond. The process that is used is similar to that which utilizes the cremains of your loved ones and the diamonds are comparable to more naturally occurring varieties.

This way, it could be possible to use the powder from your favorite gun or the scenes from your favorite old movie, as a couple, to give new meaning to your engagement ring. While the ideas here might not be largely known, you can probably start a trend, which might suit your relationship, by going for these less traditional forms of diamonds. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from B And A Jewelers.