Special Events To Help Increase Sales At A Bead Store

Bead stores have become more popular recently. If you own a bead store, you might have noticed that your sales are tied to the holidays since people who make jewelry and other crafts that require beads tend to be focused on making gifts and items to sell during the holidays. If your sales are slower because a holiday is not coming up, then you might want to consider holding a special event such as a kids night. Here are some tips for having a kids craft night in order to generate interest in your store.

1. Choose a Place

If you can do so safely, set up tables in your store. If you don't have the room for the tables, talk to other local businesses in the area to see if they would be willing to give you the space to host your event. Many stores will be happy to jump at this occasion because it helps generate interest in their stores as well.

2. Choose a Project

Once you have a location, you need to choose a project that children can easily do. Look online and on teacher websites for inspiration. If you think that very small children are not going to be able to handle the fine motor skills that are required for the project, make sure that you put a recommended age on all of your advertisements.

3. Set Up the Materials

If you have a free-form project that is open-ended, then you are going to need to prepare several sets of dishes that have all of the available materials. You will want a set of the materials to choose from on each table. If you are doing a craft that has a specific outcome, you are going to want to make sure that you create individual bags that each have all of the materials that one person will need to complete the project.

4. Decide on an Entry Fee

Calculate the cost of entry to your event. If you had surplus materials and are just using them up, consider making the event free. If you had to purchase extra materials, charge a few dollars to cover your losses.

5. Post the Event on all Social Media Platforms

Use social media to advertise your event and post pictures of your store and the craft in order to hit as many people in your community as possible.

6. Have Idea Sheets to Pass Out at the End

Finally, make sure that you print out several other craft ideas that people can do with beads that are purchased from your store. Pass out these ideas at the end of your event. This will help get people motivated to come to your store and purchase the materials for the crafts, especially if the kids really enjoyed the exercise.

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