Trendy Jewelry Ideas Sure To Grab Attention From Others

If you enjoy wearing the hottest trends of the moment, you most likely try to keep on top of jewelry fads in addition to clothing selections. There are several jewelry choices available for the upcoming seasons that will be sure to turn heads with their one-of-a-kind style. Here are some of the best new pieces on the circuit to be on the look out for if you wish to have the latest and greatest in jewelry fashion. These pieces are attention grabbers sure to be a hit with your friends.

Interactive Jewelry

Wearing jewelry that makes a statement is a fun way to incorporate style along with an activity. Mood jewelry is a great way to get others involved with your jewelry selection. A mood ring or bracelet will change color as your skin's temperature cools or heats up. The jewelry comes with a list of "moods" to match to the color on the band of the piece. Keep this in your purse, wallet, or pocket for easy deciphering. Your friends will undoubtedly ask why your jewelry is always a different color when they look at it, and they will most likely ask to try it on themselves to see if they have a different mood than you do.

Moon Jewelry

If you are inspired by the earth and atmosphere, unique moon jewelry may be right up your alley. Many people study the phases of the moon and its impact on horoscopes and daily activities. For those with a mystical side, consider purchasing a moon ring or bracelet to show off your favorite phase of the moon. You could also purchase several and wear them as the moon goes through its cycle for an eye-catching look in today's jewelry. These pieces are sure to become favorites, and you will undoubtedly have a lot of admirers when you wear them. Moon rings and bracelets make great gifts and are wonderful conversation pieces.

Friendship Jewelry

A trend that is far from ending is the popular friendship necklaces, bracelets, rings, and key chains. These come in a variety of patterns depending on the manufacturer and are meant to showcase your connection with another person. Friendship jewelry comes in two to three pieces, allowing each person in the friendship to wear their portion of the jewelry. When everyone gets together, the pieces fit together showing your part in the unit. This is a fun way to show appreciation for another person or two and is a fad many partake in as it is fun and innovative.