Two Gift Ideas for a Veteran with PTSD

Buying gifts for veterans with PTSD can often be a bit difficult, mostly because it can be a bit hard to determine what type of gift would be appropriate. Listed below are two gift ideas that are not only appropriate for a veteran with PTSD but that may also be able to help him or her with deal with PTSD.

Personalized Jewelry

One of the best options that you can consider for a veteran with PTSD is personalized jewelry that can be used to do everything from letting medical professionals know about his or her condition to simply showing motivational messages. For example, you can choose to have a dog tag or other piece of jewelry personalized with the veteran's name, medications, and contact information for his or her doctor in the event of an accident. The medication section is particularly useful for paramedics or emergency room doctors because there are a lot of medications out there that are used to treat PTSD that can also interfere and cause complications when combined with other medication options.

Another way that personalized jewelry can help is by showing that you appreciate the veteran's service by having his or her years of service inscribed on the jewelry and a personalized message letting him or her know that you love him or her and how thankful you are for the service. This is a good option because many PTSD veterans feel isolated and alone once they return, so knowing that someone is thinking about them and appreciates their service can go a long way.


Another gift idea to consider for a veteran with PTSD is a dog. Dogs are often used to help people relieve the stress and isolation that often occurs when they develop PTSD, and there are numerous organizations out there that will work with you to help find an appropriately trained dog for the veteran. For example, these services can help you find a dog that was trained to assist a veteran with mobility issues due to an injury or one that was trained to help an individual that has developed depression or paranoia as a result of PTSD. 

Buying a gift for a veteran with PTSD can be a great opportunity to show your love and potentially help with his or her condition. A piece of customized jewelry can help show your appreciation while a dog can help the veteran feel less isolated and can help them cope with this condition.