How A Pawnbroker Will Assess Basketball Shoes And Jewelry

A quality pair of basketball shoes or a fine piece of jewelry can yield you a sizable amount of money from a local pawn shop. If you are going to part with either of these items, be aware of what a pawn shop owner's pawn requirements are and prepare your personal possession for the monetary exchange.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes that are part of a limited edition collection or that have been endorsed and signed by a noted athlete are footwear types that may be of interest to a pawnbroker. Quality leather, carefully constructed soles, and unique accents are some features that will likely be sought by someone who is interested in purchasing a pair of preowned basketball shoes. Before a pawn shop owner will accept a pair of footwear, they will determine the value of the shoes.

A rare shoe type will be regarded higher than a type that has been mass-produced. A pawnbroker should be contacted first to determine what types of footwear are accepted. A pawnbroker may request the original packaging that a pair of basketball shoes came in. Additionally, they may require that the footwear has been sanitized, prior to lending money for the shoes.

A brand new pair of basketball shoes could be costly, which may prompt a borrower to satisfy their pawn ticket by the allotted time. A pawnshop owner will specify the amount needed to be paid. If this amount is not satisfied, the pawnbroker will acquire ownership of the basketball shoes and will be free to add them to their inventory.


Just like shoes, jewelry should be in pristine condition and should be fairly valuable. Gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry are accepted by many pawnbrokers. Pieces that have been plated or that are considered costume jewelry may or may not be accepted. Metal varieties that are not pure or that lack gemstones and other accent pieces won't be very valuable. Inexpensive pieces would be difficult for a pawnbroker to make a profit from.

For this reason, a pawnbroker may only be interested in lending money for pieces with a high resale value. Any jewelry that is going to be pawned should be cleaned and polished. Jewelry can be placed inside of a box or a case. The proper storage of jewelry will preserve each piece that is being pawned. If a pawn ticket is not satisfied, pawned jewelry pieces will be surrendered and a pawnbroker may display them for sale in their shop.

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