3 Questions To Ask When You Inherit Family Jewelry

When a family member passes away, family jewelry may come into your possession through wills, family gifts, or other means. Typically, when you inherit family jewelry, you have two options. You can keep the jewelry or sell the jewelry. Many jewelers offer a cash-for-gold option with the jewelry, and you can get paid quickly. As you decide what to do with the jewelry, you should ask yourself three questions while you go through each piece you own. Read More 

How A Pawnbroker Will Assess Basketball Shoes And Jewelry

A quality pair of basketball shoes or a fine piece of jewelry can yield you a sizable amount of money from a local pawn shop. If you are going to part with either of these items, be aware of what a pawn shop owner's pawn requirements are and prepare your personal possession for the monetary exchange. Basketball Shoes Basketball shoes that are part of a limited edition collection or that have been endorsed and signed by a noted athlete are footwear types that may be of interest to a pawnbroker. Read More 

How To Reinvigorate Or Start Your Coin Collection

Collecting coins has been a popular pastime for many decades, and there are many different niche areas of this hobby that one can specialize in. Perhaps you are more drawn to coins that are from overseas with strange shapes and interesting designs, or maybe you prefer coins made in the states that have a lot of history to them. Whatever the case, if you are looking to start or reinvigorate your coin collection then there are a few steps you can take to help you on your journey. Read More