What’s The Difference Between Eternity, PavĂ©, And CalibrĂ©?

Choosing a ring should be fun, but it can be confusing if you're suddenly confronted with term upon term that describes jewelry in ways you're not sure about. Some terms can also seem so similar that it's difficult to know what they truly refer to. It helps if you can figure out which terms in a description refer to a setting or a gem-cut style, but if you aren't familiar with the terms to begin with, don't worry. Read More 

Tips For A Better Experience At The Jewelry Store

Most people don't visit the jewelry store nearly as often as they visit the grocery store or even the pharmacy. As such, you may not be quite sure how to shop effectively at a jewelry store and get exactly what you want. Here are some tips for a better experience. Visit when the store is less likely to be busy The people who work at jewelry stores tend to know a lot about what they are selling, and they can tell you all about the various items available. Read More 

Four Signs You Should Design Your Own Engagement Rings

When you find that perfect engagement ring, you know you have the one. But if it takes a while to locate the best engagement ring for your needs, it might be in your best interest to design your own engagement rings instead. Here are four signs you should design your own engagement rings. You want your engagement/wedding rings to match Many people who design their own engagement rings do so because they want their engagement rings to match. Read More 

Why You Should Switch To Natural Jewelry Cleaners Now

If you have a piece of jewelry that you really admire and want to keep as shiny and bright as possible, you should look into a natural jewelry cleaner. If you have ever tried to clean your valuables with a volatile cleaner, you know that they have an extremely strong smell and that you must be very careful. Obviously, you should still be careful with natural jewelry cleaners, though if there is a spill or you get some on your hands, you can simply wash it off with soap and water. Read More 

Making The Moment Count: What To Know Before Picking Out A Wedding Ring

Getting married can be the most exciting time for any couple's life. With the upcoming ceremony, things can hectic and it is not surprising for many people to feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of tasks to accomplish before their big day! One of the most important tasks and sometimes the most intimidating, is choosing the right wedding ring. With so many different styles and variations, some couples may be a bit hesitant to settle on a wedding ring set. Read More