Two Gift Ideas for a Veteran with PTSD

Buying gifts for veterans with PTSD can often be a bit difficult, mostly because it can be a bit hard to determine what type of gift would be appropriate. Listed below are two gift ideas that are not only appropriate for a veteran with PTSD but that may also be able to help him or her with deal with PTSD. Personalized Jewelry One of the best options that you can consider for a veteran with PTSD is personalized jewelry that can be used to do everything from letting medical professionals know about his or her condition to simply showing motivational messages. Read More 

Diamond In The Rough: Tips And Tricks For Buying Jewelry Like A Pro

Whether you're looking for a life-altering piece of jewelry like an engagement ring or simply feeling the need for a nice new accessory, shopping for jewelry can be full of pitfalls. You'll want to get the best deal you can on a piece you love without without feeling pressure to get something different than what you really want – but how do you know how to act in the jewelry store? Read More 

Tips For First Time Coin Sellers

Selling coins is a little different than purchasing coins. If you have been collecting coins for a while, and have decided to finally sell some of your coins, these tips will help you through your first through sales.  Have Your Coins Properly Attributed The first thing you need to do is make sure that you really know what you are selling. You don't want to sell a coin only to realize later that it was even rarer than you thought and worth a lot more than you realized. Read More 

Trendy Jewelry Ideas Sure To Grab Attention From Others

If you enjoy wearing the hottest trends of the moment, you most likely try to keep on top of jewelry fads in addition to clothing selections. There are several jewelry choices available for the upcoming seasons that will be sure to turn heads with their one-of-a-kind style. Here are some of the best new pieces on the circuit to be on the look out for if you wish to have the latest and greatest in jewelry fashion. Read More 

Special Events To Help Increase Sales At A Bead Store

Bead stores have become more popular recently. If you own a bead store, you might have noticed that your sales are tied to the holidays since people who make jewelry and other crafts that require beads tend to be focused on making gifts and items to sell during the holidays. If your sales are slower because a holiday is not coming up, then you might want to consider holding a special event such as a kids night. Read More